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Solar Power

Monarch Power interviews goE3, maker of electric vehicle charging stations

The sun is the most ubiquitous, free, personal, and clean energy source. You can locally generate, store, and use solar energy, instead of relying a centralized utility system based on burning fossil fuel.


There are two main ways to collect solar power: using flat photovoltaic panels or using sunlight concentrating mirrors. We adopt built in PV for our Monarch Solar Electric Van, and concentrated solar thermal power for our Lotus line of products.


Concentrated solar thermal power has many applications. We can produce hot water for heating. With concentrated solar heat, we can generate high pressure and temperature steam for high efficiency electricity generation using steam turbines. We can use the exhaust heat from the turbine to boil impure water at low pressure, efficiently desalinating or purifying water for human consumption. We can also use the exhaust heat for refrigeration or air conditioning through absorption chilling without using electricity.


You can learn more about solar energy here. The blogs on the left tells our journey in developing new methods for harvesting solar power for human use. More information on the resulting Monarch Lotus line of solar power products can be found on our Product pages.




Lotus Mobile Max 2.4kW Brochure

Posted Apr 20, 2013

Lotus Mobile Brochure

Posted Apr 20, 2013

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