Governor Jan Brewer Speaks at Lotus Mobile Introduction



This Wednesday 3/27/2013, Monarch Power Corp shall introduce the Monarch “Lotus Mobile”, a revolutionary mobile solar power panel system that mimics the beautiful lotus flower that tracks the sun, folds at night, and better, is so light that you can take it wherever you are.



The event starts 11:30am – 2pm at the Bolin Memorial Park, right opposite to the Arizona State Capitol. Gracing the event and speaking are Governor Jan Brewer, AZ Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, and Arizona Corporate Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith. Professor Joseph Hui, CEO and Founder of Monarch Power Corp shall introduce the Lotus Mobile. Professor Richard Filley then describes the MPower Native America project, followed by Professor Slobodan Petrovic who describes the MPower Africa project.


We hope you can come to the event. Please RSVP should you plan to attend the by invitation only event for the speakers and lunch.