Butterfly Wonderland

After visiting the Monarch wintering ground in Mexico, I am determined to raise awareness of the monarch butterflies in the US. This also help to promote the brand Monarch Power which is engaged with both PV and EV businesses.


I was very pleased that a Butterfly Wonderland is going to be built this year on the Pima Indian reservation at the NE corner of the 101 freeway and Via De Ventura. To the south is the huge Talking Stick Casino and golf courses. To the West is the spring training ball park, as well as existing shopping plazas and to be build high end shopping malls. The location can attract high traffic volume and increase sojourning time of tourists who flock to the affluent and famous Scottsdale scene.


The Butterfly Wonderland is a 5 acre site located on a bigger entertainment complex to be build, called Odyssey of the Desert with a total area of 35 acres. The building has a floor and butterfly atrium space of more than 20,000 square feet.


The Butterfly Wonderland Building and Atrium


The main stay of the Butterfly of course are butterflies from all over the world, but they also provide amphibian, koi, and rainforest marine life exhibits. The center is educational and provide a good platform to educate young people about the environment and ecology for its variety of inhabitants.




I ended up investing a unit in the building of the Butterfly Wonderland, and I hope it would provide a good 10% return per year on my investments. But investment return includes also saving the Monarch butterflies, help branding Monarch Power Corp, and also the opportunity to sell electricity and hot water at a discount to the Butterfly Wonderland using my solar umbrella, now formally branded as the Monarch Lotus. In the future, I would like to use the Monarch SEV to shuttle guests from the Talking Stick Resort to the Butterfly Wonderland. Well what is better to take guests to the Butterfly Wonderland than using a solar electric van that resembles the beloved Monarch butterfly.


I am impressed with the Butterfly Wonderland business plan. The Greater Phoenix area is under-served for museums and exhibitions. While Scottsdale is famous for tourism for its wild western, art, and golf scenes, there is a lack of exhibitions for wild life and technologies.


I shall describe a rudimentary vision of a Solar Wonderland next to the Butterfly Wonderland in the next blog.